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Outdoor Battery Security Wall Light with PIR, White LEDs

Outdoor Battery Security Wall Light with PIR, White LEDs

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  • 2 White SMD LEDs.
  • Can be hung or wall-mounted.
  • 3m detection range.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Includes wall fixings and bracket.
  • Works really well as a welcome light and great for camping too.

Super useful, super sleek and super versatile, this outdoor battery wall light comes complete with a motion sensor so that, when set to the automatic function, it will activate for 30 seconds once it detects movement up to a 3 metre range.

The 2 white SMD LEDs emit a soft focus bright light through the opaque weather resistant plastic exterior. This light works really well as a welcome light, to alert you to any visitors to your home, but also to make it easier for you to locate your keys, and the lock, in the dark!

Great to use when camping too, especially with the attached metal hook, the light can be hung from anywhere! The battery compartment has a protective rubber seal, so the light is weatherproof, meaning you really can use this light wherever you choose.

The light comes with the components required to affix it to any wall surface, including screws and wall bracket, along with a double sided sticker for walls where screws aren't an option.

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