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Festoon Lighting


We pride ourselves on offering a great selection of both modern and retro home and garden lighting. Made in the North West of England, our fantastic range of indoor and outdoor lighting features our own brand of high quality interior and exterior lighting products, as well as those from other market leading brands.  


Custom Festoon Lighting


Established in the UK in 2015, we have specialised in the manufacture of festoon lighting cable for several years and have since expanding into the wider lighting markets. We have carefully developed a custom string lighting service with an IP54 rating off our client’s feedback which allows us to work closely with every customer to provide an excellent service, meeting each unique custom requirement. Our service will ensure you find the lighting you need. Whether you require wedding lighting, party lighting, or any other outdoor event lighting.


Festoon Light Fittings


Each string of Festoon lighting is fully weatherproof and extremely versatile in length with both ES (E27) and BC (B22) light fittings available. We have a wide range of led lighting sets, the majority of which boasts connectable capability, meaning you can connect multiple sets together from one plug. Available with varying power sources, starter cables, transformer plugs, and 240v mains powered lengths, batteries, solar panels,.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting


Regardless of the season we will always be able to guide you to the right lights. Our home and garden lighting collections both use innovative technology to light up your home. Indoors you can use our touch table and desk lamps whilst protecting outside your home with our passive infrared sensor (PIR) security lights.


In summer our range features a host of solar powered fairy lights, garden path lights, and other garden apparatus so you can soak up the summer sun to full effect.  

Our accessories section offers a wide range of LED bulbs, vintage filament style bulbs, various lighting cable extensions and starter cables; and a whole host of lighting applications that will enhance your lighting set.


Our store features some of the best lighting brands and products available, but it is our service that is second to none. Most of all, we want you to enjoy shopping with us - we are a trusted secure website that aims to offer each customer the best service possible.


Indoor, Outdoor, Anywhere!