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Outdoor Battery Operated Security Light with PIR Sensor

Outdoor Battery Operated Security Light with PIR Sensor

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  • 10 bright white SMD LEDs.
  • On/off/auto settings.
  • Attach to a wall or stand upright.
  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • 360 degree adjustability.
  • Mounting bracket & screws included.
  • PIR sensor with 10ft detection.

This modern battery powered light with motion sensor is a great addition to your home or garden and is available in either black or white. This small, but powerful, round light features 10 bright white LEDs, an output of 60 lumens, and has many uses both inside and outside the home.

Whether you decide to place it standing upright on a table, or attach it to a wall using the fixing kit included, your options are near limitless. Position it above stairs for any late night movement, as a security light outside, or you could even place it in hard to light areas, such as inside a dimly lit wardrobe, for light in a flash. The light also has full 360 degree adjustability, meaning you can alter the direction of the light beam to suit.

The on/off/auto switch is located within the round light itself. In order to access it, and the batteries, simply remove the round light from the bracket, then twist to unscrew and remove the back – make sure to watch the video to see this in action.

The PIR sensor activates in darkness, when movement is detected, and it will turn off its bright white LEDs after 30 seconds, if no movement has been detected. If you'd like the light to be permanently illuminated, rather than only activating once movement is detected, simply set the switch to the On position.

The light has a range of 0-3m and the PIR sensor will detect movement up to 10ft.

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