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Large Transformer, UK Plug, Green Cable

Large Transformer, UK Plug, Green Cable

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Product Description

  • Powers up to 4,000 LEDs Max.
  • 4 ports (1,000 LEDs per port).
  • 5m dark green lead cable.

When you have chosen the lights you require from our multi-power ConnectGo range, then it is essential that a power source is purchased to power them.

The premier choice for large domestic and commercial light displays, this large transformer, with dark green cable, is designed with quality and performance in mind, so powering up to a maximum of 4,000 LEDs is a breeze.

It comes with 4 ports that can run separate light strings at the same time. Note:only 1,000 LEDs can be run from a single port at any one time. So if your display contains more than 1,000 then simply use the other ports to continue your display.

The pack is only supplied with a single multi-function controller for one port. If you wish to use any of the 3 remaining ports, then an additional controller(s) must be purchased.

Included with this transformer is a standard household plug, a 5 metre lead cable (from the plug to the first light) and an 8 function controller unit.

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