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FestoonPro Black Festoon Pro Connectable Y Cord

FestoonPro Black Festoon Pro Connectable Y Cord

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  • Connectable Y Cord.
  • Part of our Festoon Pro range.
  • Commercial quality black rubber cable.
  • Suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

This black Y Connector is compatible with our Festoon Pro connectable lights range. This accessory has two main uses:

  • To convert the starter cable in to two separate outlets
  • Can be inserted in between any compatible products to add flexibility to the display

For example: If you wish to put lights on two separate trees that are close together but only have one mains outlet. Simply run the starter cable to the base of the trees and attach the connector. This will now give you two outlets, one for each tree.

This accessory is 30cm long and can be connected together to create a more advanced display.

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