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2m Festoon LED Dimmer Controller (Connect Pro & Festoon Belts)

2m Festoon LED Dimmer Controller (Connect Pro & Festoon Belts)

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Product Code: RGA033

  • Compatible with our dimmable bulbs
  • IP44 rated
  • Powers up to 480W
  • Commercial quality, black rubber cable
  • 2m in length

Specifically designed and manufactured by us, this industry first LED dimmer controller, with commercial quality black rubber cable, allows precise control of light levels across our connectable festoon range.

Measuring 2m in length, this product is connectable and is designed to connect directly onto your first set of lights. Rated IP44, this product is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use and allows you to create your own bespoke lighting display, from ambient to bright.

To operate, simply hold down the button until you start to see the light decreasing or increasing in brightness. The dimming unit will continually cycle slowly from the lowest brightness to the highest, therefore simply release the button when you have reached the desired light level. The unit will remember the setting and will revert to the same brightness each time the power is turned off and on.

This dimmer is compatible with the range of vintage dimmable bulbs and can power up to 480W, giving plenty of scope for powering large scale systems.

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