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ConnectGo Outdoor LED String Lights, Low Voltage (31v) Connectable, Black Rubber Cable

ConnectGo Outdoor LED String Lights, Low Voltage (31v) Connectable, Black Rubber Cable

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Product Description

  • Part of our cutting edge ConnectGo range.
  • Multi-power source technology.
  • 100 LEDs per 10 metre length.
  • 400 lumens per 10m.
  • Market leading 2 year anti-rust guarantee.
  • Indoor & outdoor use.
  • Connect up to 1,600 LEDs (with medium transformer).
  • ConnectGo power source required.


These low voltage fairy lights are part of our cutting edge ConnectGo range, which boasts impressive versatility in its interchangeable power sources. These multi-power source lights can be powered by either mains, using the latest digital 31V transformer, by battery when mains power is not available or seasonally by solar panel.

These lights feature a durable black rubber cable, and are supplied in multiples of 10 metres; meaning if you order 50m, for example, you will receive five 10m lengths, ready to be connected together. These lights are available in a variety of colours, including white, warm white and multi-colour, and as part of our ConnectGo connectable lights system, you can continue to add more connectable lights to your chosen power source.

The preferred choice for both indoor and prolonged outdoor displays, our superior quality LED fairy lights have unlimited uses and come with our market leading 2 year anti-rust guarantee. Ideal places to use these lights are on trees, shrubs, gutters, eaves, fencing and decking. They're great for use all year round at parties and are perfect at weddings too.

Each connectable length arrives separately, ready to be connected together. All products within this system feature our professionally moulded connections, designed with shaped wings for a reassuringly strong connection when adding products together.

The specific power source required depends on your preferred usage and the number of lights being used. Below is a breakdown of the number of LEDs that can be powered by each source:


  • Small 31V transformer = 600 LEDs
  • Medium 31V transformer = 1,600 LEDs
  • Large 31V transformer = 4,000 LEDs (1,000 from each port)
  • AA battery box = 200 LEDs
  • D battery box = 400 LEDs
  • Solar panel = 200 LEDs


Using a small, medium or large transformer, these lights boast 8 different functions, including: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slow-Glow, Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkling, and Steady On. Each time you switch the lights on, the in-built memory chip will automatically select the last function used.

The small, medium, and large transformers come with a handy timer function, meaning your lights will stay on for 6 hours before turning off for 18 hours and then turning back on at the same time as the previous day.

If using either of the battery pack options, you can choose between Steady On, Twinkle, Steady On with Timer, or Twinkle with Timer.

If using the solar panel as your power source, you can choose between Steady On and Twinkle functions.

There are a variety of accessories compatible with these fairy lights, such as extension cables and Y cord connectors to aid installation. Look out for the ConnectGo overlay - every item with this logo can be connected to these lights.

Please note: The current stock will be labelled as IP44 however, it has been classified and passed certification as an IP65 product.


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