What is festoon lighting?


What is festoon lighting?

We often are asked the question, what is Festoon Lighting? Many people outside of the lighting industry may not know these lights by name, rather they refer to them as ‘Edison style string lights’ or ‘hanging lights’.

By definition, a festoon is a chain that is hung in a curve as part of a decoration. In this instance we use lighting sockets on a string harnesses to do exactly that.

Festoon lighting or string lights as they are sometimes referred too differ from fairy lights by using bigger, and in many cases replaceable bulbs and that is what is so wonderful about these lights. (see our range of festoon lights)

You are the creator of each festoon string. Yes, you can decide what length you would like the string to be, the spacing between each lamp holders and the colour of each bulb. Bespoke festoon lighting service at its finest.

If you are interested in creating your own string lighting length then simply fill out our bespoke festoon form in as much detail as you can, and we will get back to you a price.

Where can you use festoon lighting?

Well, as the definition suggests, they are used to decorate and illuminate a variety of different spaces. From outdoor gardens to large commercial lighting arena’s such as food and festivals or rock concerts, festoon string are certain to add the perfect ambience.

One popular method is to hang each festoon light from large poles that allows the strings to perfectly curve. Commercially, festoon strings usually serve as a decoration however with the right bulb they are also the ideal light output source. You could use dimmable bulbs to make sure you get the right level of light output.

You can find this season festoon lighting collection over on our website www.festoonlighting.com

Let us know how you use your festoon string lights, do you hang them for decoration or use them as a light source around your home?

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