best Christmas lights

What are the best Christmas lights?


What are the best Christmas lights?

Christmas is simply the most wonderful time of the year. Despite the cold weather and the rain (especially in the UK) we look forward to the Xmas holidays more than any other.

The run-up to Christmas is filled with excitement and anticipation, everyone’s individual Christmas display helps signify their own contribution to the festive period. Whether you spend hours up a ladder decorating your home with outdoor icicle lights or wrapping fairy lights around your tree, it’s hard not to got over the top with your decorations.

Sure, our indoor and outdoor Christmas lights look fantastic but after spending hours getting the decorations down from the loft or the garage and arranging them around your home, we know at the back of our mind they will be going back there in January.

So, this year we’ve decided to up our Christmas lighting game by giving you some advice on the best Xmas lights available to help save you time and effort.

Christmas on a budget

We must start here because if we can save money on your Christmas lighting display then you are already on to a winner. Fairy lights, whether you use them indoors or outdoors are a simple but effective decoration. You can use your Christmas fairy lights anywhere around your home, not just around your tree. Coil them up your stair banister rail, place them above the fireplace, or even if their waterproof use them outside.

Statement lights

If you want nothing more than to stand out from the rest of the street and display your appreciation for the festive holiday season, then why not start by draping icicle Christmas lights around the perimeter of your home. Available with flash and colour changing technology, icicle Christmas lights capture the delight of Christmas whilst staying true to the winter season.

Permanent Christmas

This is best way to get the most out of our festive decorations. Use your led Christmas lights long after the Christmas season has passed. Think about it, we’ve just welcomed the new year, most of us are heading back to work and we still haven’t taken the Christmas decorations down. Not to worry, we can keep them up all year round! You must think outside the box here. Here one or two ideas we prepared earlier:

Use your fairy lights in vase’s, jars, or around artificial tree decorations. These ornaments stay around our house all year round so give them a little makeover and we have a decoration not just for Christmas.

Use string lighting. The popular festoon string lights will give your Christmas decorations a traditional look that can serve you throughout the summer as well as the colder months.

We hope this has given you some food for thought around this upcoming festive season.

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