Summer Garden Lighting Ideas

Aside from the obvious ways to clean up your garden ready for summer, there are a few extras that can add a little sparkle.

Outdoor lighting can illuminate and transform the whole outlook of your home exterior. By stringing lights from one side of the garden to the other, or by weaving them around your tree; creating an ambience in your garden is an essential part of summer.

There are a multitude of benefits that derive from doing this; not only does outdoor lighting give you better visibility, meaning you can laugh into those long summer nights, they are the perfect decoration meaning your space looks ready and prepared for whatever you may wish to do in it.

Before purchasing any outdoor lights make sure they are fully waterproof and weatherproof for the area you wish to use them in.

Here are a few of our picks for the best garden lights;

10 Connectable Warm White Festoon Lights, Clear Bulbs, Black Cable

These classic string lights or festoon as they are often referred to are the garden lighting staple. They have a professional feel, housing 10 bulbs that look great giving a warm glow on their 5 metres length cable. Think 5 metres may be a little short? Not to worry, this string allows you to connect up 160 sets giving you the freedom you need to plan around your outdoor space. An extra-long starter cable can be purchased separately to ensure you have plenty of room from the plug socket to where you want the lights to sit.

Durable Heavy Duty Outdoor Festoon Lighting, Black Cable

Heavy duty outdoor cable is a sturdy weatherproof option that can be used all year round. Its black cable is ideal for modern homes as it promises to withstand the test of the British weather.

This lighting set also boasts flexibility in that it can be manufactured to fit any length or measurement that you may require. Whatever the space or area you want covered in your garden this durable cable is the ideal fit.

Bulbs do have to be purchased separately, however this gives you the freedom to decide the level of light you want to accompany this festoon to give the best light display.

Long Drop E27 Festoon Belt, 10m 10 Sockets, Black Cable

This lighting set offers a unique display opportunity. The 17cm drop cable is the latest addition to the ongoing trend of festoon lighting. Measuring 10 metres with a bulb every 1 metre (10 bulbs), this lighting cable has fixing points on every socket, so you can easily screw them into walls or wherever you may desire for the perfect fix.

They’re fairly priced, innovatively designed, and can be attached any where in your garden – what more can you ask for?

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