Samlesbury Hall Project


One of our most recent festoon projects was with Samlesbury Hall. A stunning, historic, stately home based just east of Preston in the county of Lancashire, the Hall originates back to 1325, boasting a plethora of classic features in its architecture.

Today, the hall is a self-proclaimed haven for history lovers, where the past meets the present. To extend their modern attractions, the historic home added ‘Shepherds hut hamlet’ which are situated in the grounds of the hall. The staff at Samlesbury Hall sought to find a simple product that would enhance and compliment their colourful Shepherd Huts with little complication.

Our large bulb festoon has connectable capability up to 54 metres which was appealing to the client as it gave them freedom and flexibility to determine how the lights would work around the huts. These Edison style bulbs created the perfect ambience for the modern huts. With a generous IPX-8 rating the festoon lights and transformer starter are perfect for year-round outdoor use.

Simply, these factory-made lights were designed to sustain the British weather and adhered to the central goal of the project requirements, minimising future costs whilst creating a vibrant and stress-free setting to accompany the hand-crafted cabins. The warm-white glow allows guests of the hut hamlet to feel the warmth of the glowing warm white filament lights and enjoy their stay at the home.

image credit: Samlesbury Hall

Products used:

Outdoor Warm White Big Bulb, Connectable, Festoon Lights

£155.99 (inc VAT)

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