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How to use led festoon lighting to brighten up your home or event


When you are planning an event picking the right lighting holds the key to success. Whether you are planning your wedding lighting or simply devising a plan for your summer marquee event, choosing the lighting is one of the most salient issues.

Lighting can sometimes be the make or break of your event experience. Leading lighting sets will add to the ambience and create the perfect atmosphere for any event, not to mention radiating a professional image.

Think, all the best events, parties, and weddings you have been too will all have a dedicated lighting section to make you feel at home during the event.

Here are a few tips on how you can use garden festoon lights to add that sparkle to your event.

You can start with our latest festoon harnesses are IP54 rated meaning they are built to withstand all year-round UK weather. When it comes to a string light set this is absolute; it means that no matter what season we are in you can be certain that you will have a prolific lighting display.

Manufactured with great flexibility their lightweight design means they can be hung from any apparatus to ensure maximum decoration value, yet these festoon lights still improve on their durability.

Outdoor events

The basics to using lighting around your outdoor space is to first analyse the pre-existing apparatus that you could combine with your festoon lighting to excel your decoration. For example, You may have a tree in your garden that each outdoor string light could be hung from or wrapped around.

Next you need to choose the colour temperature of your lights. Whether you use warm white light bulbs (see picture above), or dimmable vintage bulbs, adding a warm white glow is always a good idea to enhance the ambience. It emits a warm and welcoming feel that will definitely resonate amongst your guests.

If your event is in an open field then do not worry; we stock 2.4m festoon poles are specifically designed to help you decorate the perimeter of you garden or event. Covering the outer edge is the simplest way to brighten up your event.

Indoor events

For all marquee and indoor events the same premise applies. Wrapping around indoor beams or zig zagging from wall to wall are some of the best ways to decorate your indoor event lighting. You can use our hooks for extra safety to ensure a firm and steady installation.


Lighting an indoor event can often be neglected and undersold compared to outdoor occasions, however just because you are inside does not mean each string lights can’t have the same effect. Particularly if you are in a marquee or have a large surface area to cover string lighting is the model party lighting set.

Create a rainbow of colours

Don’t change the string, change the bulbs! Warm white light can sometimes be plain and repetitive so why not use effective colour combinations to really generate a party atmosphere. Change the led bulb colours to Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and you can create a festoon lighting rainbow.

Particularly if your hosting a party changing the colour of the bulbs to a more vibrant colour palette will likely have a similar vibrant effect on your guests. Vibrant colours for the win!

Solar lights in summer

Outdoor solar string lights allow you to soak up the summer sun at no extra cost. Using solar festoon lights mean you can decorate your patio or garden and create that extra aesthetic with little or no maintenance; our solar lights will turn on and off with the turn of night and day.

Create a festoon trail

Allow your guests to be in awe of your event lighting, create a festoon lighting trail around your garden or event. The easiest way to make sure you get the right atmosphere around your event, use connectable festoon lengths to construct the perfect lighting glow.

It’s easy and simple; with connectable capability involved you can connect multiple outdoor lighting sets from one power source. We stock 8m connectable and 5m connectable led string lights have pre-installed led bulbs which reduce the need to purchase extra bulbs.

Do you have a large or unusual lighting requirement? Fill out our bespoke lighting form and we will try our best to match your needs to get the ultimate ambience. Alternatively you can give us a call on 01257 795 186 where our friendly team will beat hand to assist you.

As always it's a pleasure for us to try and help you pick the right lighting. Whether you are using lighting for an event or to simply decorate your home, following our guidelines will help you get the maximum effect out of your indoor or outdoor festoon lights.

Thanks for reading,

The Festoon Light team

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