How to take your outdoor lighting from summer to autumn


August bank holiday has passed and we know that means the summer holidays are nearly over and it will soon be autumn. The nights are drawing in and the sun is few, and far between around this time of year. However that doesn’t mean we have to pack our lights away, in fact it means quite the opposite.

The Autumn/Winter seasons of the year are made for lighting. We admit, we much prefer those lighter summer evenings but in the case of decorative displays the darker the night, the better.

On top of that, the most wonderful time of the year isn't far away and whilst it might be too early to get your decorations purchased, if you plan it correctly you can add to your preexisting string lights.

Lighting your outdoor space

It's true, we might not get outside as much as we have done all summer but that doesn't mean we don’t want to utilise our garden area. We MAY still get a few days where we can celebrate under the lights but if not here are some other ways to take care of you space.

In terms of decoration nothing changes. Instead we just use our festoon string lights in a more decorative manner. We still maintain there is nothing better than coming home at night and illuminating your whole garden area, to create a bright and vibrant outdoor space.

String lighting is the all-year round outdoor staple, in summer it adds to the ambience and in the autumn/winter months it creates a sense of warmth and comfort. They also look fantastic when they are on display.

The decoration value of these lights soars during the autumn months, because simply, when the sun is down you can use your strings and be your own light.

We’ve added some photos below to give you some autumn inspiration:

As always, thanks for reading, FL

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