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4 benefits of using solar string lights in your garden


In the modern day anything solar powered is likely to have both personal and large scale benefits to the environment. We admit, we can’t drastically reduce the world's carbon footprint by switching to solar but WE CAN make a difference.

Luckily many of our solar powered collection features a range of solar festoon lights, wall lights, fairy lights and other solar garden lights which gives you a great opportunity to include some solar lighting in your space. They all showcase a sleek design which would be ideal for any home or garden. Featuring products from some top brands, as well as our own Festoon Light products we have many more solar products that just our outdoor solar string lights.

It's easy to think just because the sun isn’t out you can’t use solar light; of course the hours of light exposure which will charge your solar lighting set is reduced but they still do receive charge from direct daylight.

So why is there such a benefit from using solar powered string lights around your space?

1. Cost efficient - Reduce your bills

Perhaps the most obvious connotation that follows using solar powered lighting but using our solar powered string lights is just the same. Use the daylight rays to illuminate your space and not your own money.

2. Easy maintenance.

Solar powered lights do not take much maintenance to run. Not only are they low in cost but you do not have to remember to turn these lights off every night you can just leave them to charge during the day and enjoy the benefits when the night draws in.

3. Safety first

Solar light are a fantastic way to reduce the risk accident involving electrics. With all of the products in our solar range there is minimal, if any, extra wires supplied as there is no need to connect to a power source. It provides a much safer option if you have children around your home and garden.


4. Aesthetic values

Everything looks better when we know its saving you money, right? These solar string lights look perfect when they are draped around your garden providing you with extra aesthetic value. The flexibility with less wiring cable and versatility is fantastic and lends to you creating the ideal setting to put up your feet up and relax.

Hopefully you can create the perfect setting around your home whilst reducing your bills, what have you to lose?

Thanks for reading, FL team.

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