How to use outdoor lights all year-long


It’s that time of the year where the colder seasons are coming around again. Amongst the thicker jackets, woolly hats, and darker nights we can guarantee there will be lots of rain.

Unfortunately, until next year the outdoor parties will be limited and perhaps put on hold; but instead, we have all of the winter festivities to look forward too.

Despite the weather, everyone associates winter with bright colourful lights especially on the run in to Christmas, so how exactly do we use outdoor lighting towards the back end of the year?

Decorate the front and back of your home.

For us, it’s the same as any other season. In winter, there is nothing better than coming back to a nice lit home or driveway. No matter how your day has been at work or how cold it may be, your outdoor lights will always signify to you that your home. The glow of the lights in the dark will give you a sense of comfort and warmth.

If you have lights around the exterior of your home from the summer, keep them up! Not only does lighting them up at night give you a great sense of security, they help keep your outdoor space look tidy and well-kept. Garden maintenance can get very difficult around this time of year so adding a little light allows it to look cared for.


Christmas is coming! You probably didn’t hear it hear first, but its on its way. The most wonderful time of the year is a great excuse to add to your outdoor light collection. Who doesn’t want to have the best lights on the street? Use your pre-existing lights to build a solid base for your winter lights. If you don’t have any, there’s no better time to start.

As always, thanks for reading!


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