4 upgrades for your garden

4 upgrades for your garden

We are past the halfway mark in 2018 and we really should be making use of our garden more often than not. This summer has been everything we could ask for in terms of sun; we have had plenty of sun drenched days and we hope there are still some left in there.

However autumn, dare we say it, is not far around the corner and we want you to be able to still make the most of your garden furniture during these months.

Here are our four tips on the best ways to spice up your summer garden so you can really bask in summer rays or enjoy those long memory filled nights.

Spring clean your whole garden

It's the cheapest way to get your garden looking in top condition again. Start by getting rid of any clutter lying around that is no longer necessary. Then start to neaten the paths and edges using a stiff garden brush; maybe even consider adding some fresh gravel for an immediate makeover.

Find garden brooms here at B&Q (https://www.diy.com/departments/verve-coco-broom-w-300mm/1633627_BQ.prd)

Think Food

If it was only that easy! Next time you're considering what to have for tea over the weekend think about an outside BBQ. Cooking outside can reinvent your whole garden; it will change the way you think about your space immediately. A top notch range of BBQs can be found here on Argos (http://www.argos.co.uk/browse/home-and-garden/barbecues-and-garden-heating/c:29352/)

Keep Warm

Especially in the UK! Yes, we have very unpredictable weather so it may be a wise move to kit out your outdoor space with some emergency blankets for those longer nights. Similarly, investing in a fire pit, or fire bowl would by a stylish upgrade for any garden.

Shop fire pits here @ Amazon (https://goo.gl/tSMckX)

Light it up with Festoon String Lighting

We are always asked what's the best way to decorate your garden with lighting? The answer is simple, festoon lighting. It is extremely versatile which means you can place it anywhere around your space. Using our connectable strings will allow you to determine the length of the festoon cable to make sure its fits in with the perimeter of your garden area.

Festoon Light can be found here (www.festoonlighting.com/shop)

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