4 fairy light ideas for this winter


Around this time of year, it’s easy to associate fairy lights with Christmas, and why shouldn’t you? They are the most effective decoration lights that can really add character and make a room feel cosier. It’s safe to say there’s nothing like coming home on a dark winters day and brightening up your evening by switching all the fairy lights on around your home.

If you’re hung up (see what we did there!) on where to put your fairy lights, here are 4 places we recommend decorating adding warmth too by decorating with fairy lights.

1. Decorate your shelves

Most houses tend to have some shelves, whether they hold books, DVDs, or even old antiques, installing fairy lights around the perimeter of your shelving can really make the room look inviting.

2. Wrap them around your bed

What is better than slipping in to bed at night with room lit by a wonderful set of fairy lights? Creating the perfect ambience by using the lights to wrap around your resting-place can de-stress you, making you feel relaxed before you shut your eyes for the night. Trust us, we’ve all tried it!

3. Around your workspace

This is by far our favourite place to put up some fairy lights. As the winters darkness arrives earlier fairy lights are the perfect motivation tool to create a spark in your intellectual ideas. Simply wrap them around your computer monitor or desk space (if you have a laptop) and feel at ease when putting those extra hours of work in.

4. Put them in a jar

YES! Put your fairy lights in a jar. Surprisingly convenient, putting your fairy lights in a jar allows you to place them anywhere in your home whilst showing your creative wisdom for decoration. If your struggling to find a place for your fairy lights, then placing them in a jar is definitely the answer.

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