3 reasons to use string lighting inside your home, as well as outside.


This summer festoon lighting is everywhere; if you're soaking up the summer nights in a beer garden or eating out a restaurant, chances are you have seen some string lighting perfectly encapsulating every aspect of summer.

In truth, it's the summer staple, but just as the festoon lights do not have to be restricted to summer, their placement shouldn't be only outdoors.

Draping the lights around your home can create the perfect vibe indoors too. String lighting can really transform your interior, don’t believe us? Here’s three reasons why you should decorate your home with string lighting.

You can place them anywhere

Versatility is everything. When you purchase a new lamp, or lighting feature your restricted with the area you can cover, with string lighting you can place them anywhere. Why not try covering a wall with the lights to create the perfect ambience? Or alternatively you could decorate a small area and create a festoon feature in your home; either way the option is yours.

They're all lightweight

All of our indoor festoon strings are lightweight and easily placed around your home. Weight can sometimes be an issue for many household ornaments, however it is not a problem in this case. It only adds to the flexibility of these indoor lights; decorate them from one side of the room to the other with no problem at all.

Low cost LED lights

The main and most attractive advantage of using LED strings lights around your interior is that they are energy efficient. As are many lights today, these lights do not overheat or become hot to touch, they stay cool and preserve energy.

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