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White LED Connectable Fairy Lights With Green Cable

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Product Description

  • Indoor & outdoor use.
  • Multi-function.
  • Low voltage.

Low voltage fairy lights with LED bulbs in a variety of colours including purple, gold and warm white. These indoor and outdoor light strings are connectable to make a variety of different lengths, and feature our deluxe, Neon glow bulb. This style emits a neon style light, which glows naturally to create beautiful indoor and outdoor decoration. Please note that regardless of the length chosen, your order will be made up of either 5m or 10m individual connectable strings.

With these string lights, the light is dispersed more evenly throughout the bulb, ensuring a natural light that doesn't hurt your eyes to look at - hence the term 'Neon glow'.

These lights can be used in a multitude of places and are great used as garden lights on trees, gutters, fencing and decking. They can be used at Christmas and also all year round for parties and weddings.

As part of our low voltage connectable lights system, from just one plug you can connect together multiple light strings to meet your required needs; saving you time, money and plug sockets!