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Snow Coated Artificial 5FT Christmas Tree

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Product Description

  • Beautiful snow effect.
  • Unique swept down design.
  • Hinged branches.
  • Green metal base.

Probably one of the more unique Christmas trees you’re likely to see and is great for commercial use or around the home. This snow covered tree measures 5ft tall and approximately 90cm at the widest point.

With 300 tips, you can hang a multitude of different decorations on the branches to create that festive feel around your home. The snow covered effect provides a different, modern take on the normal Christmas tree, so can help to make your home stand out this Christmas.

The tree is ably supported by a green metal 4 point base, and a strong trunk. The setup is simple with 2 separate sections that slot together easily, and the branches simply fold out. The tree is built to last and should be a feature of your home for years to come. On initially opening, a small amount of loose snow may drop.