CYBER WEEKEND UP TO 20% OFF Selected Weatherproof Outdoor Festoon Harnesses

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This weekend only we are offering up to 20% off selected festoon harnesses.

Each cable comes with a 3m lead-in to the first lamp holder and a 13m UK plug.


LAST REMAINING FESTOON (Quantity 1 off each)

9m x 9 Sockets (E27 Screw) Was 34.58 NOW 27.66

14m x 14 Sockets (E27 Screw) Was 53.79 NOW 43.03

15m x 15 Sockets (E27 Screw) Was 57.63 NOW 46.10

20m x 40 Sockets (E27 Screw) Was 112.20 NOW 89.76

6m x 12 Sockets (Bayonet B22 Cap) Was 33.66 NOW 26.93

10m x 20 Sockets (Bayonet B22 Cap) Was 56.10 NOW 44.88

20m x 40 Sockets (Bayonet B22 Cap) Was 112.20 NOW 89.76

  • Our Heavy-Duty festoon lighting range is manufactured to be strong with outstanding durability. Designed specifically for all year-round outdoor use, this rubber festoon harness is made of the highest weatherproof materials.
  • Each E27 (Screw Cap) & B22 (Bayonet cap) festoon lighting cable uses a 230v supply. It houses moulded rubber lamp holders at a spacing of 0.5 or 1 metres on a black rubber cable.
  • Available with various lengths and lamp holders, the flexibility of this hard-wearing set allows you decide your perfect length. The rubber cable is ideal for a range of commercial lighting and household environments to give you the best lighting display.
  • Ideal to use at outdoor garden parties, hanging lights, patio lightsand other outdoor events.
  • The festoon cable is compatible with BC (B22) GLS, Golfball and LED Lamps and has a standard lead in length of 3 metres (plug to the first lamp holder). This however can be changed upon request, simply add a note to your purchase form with your request. The maximum bulb wattage per lamp is 25w (Indoor) and 15w (Indoor).
  • PLEASE NOTE this cable does not include bulbs. Bulbs can be purchased separately from our accessories section.