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Connectable, LED Pre- Lit Garland With Pine Cones

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Product Description

  • 50 warm white LEDs per 3m length.
  • Indoor & outdoor use.
  • Connect up to 69m (with medium power pack)
  • 8 light functions with memory.
  • Part of our 24V connectable range.
  • Power pack required.
  • 15cm in width

This stunning pre-lit garland has 50 warm white LED bulbs per 3 metres and features pine cone decorations. This garland also has built in male & female connectors.

Garlands are perfect for creating that Christmas spirit within your home, and this particular one is no exception. Completed with 100 Warm White LEDs, the traditional glow emitted will create a warm atmosphere within your living room.

As part of our low voltage connectable lights system, you can continue to add more connectable lights to a power pack and each connectable length arrives separately, ready to be connected together. The specific power pack required depends on the system and number of lights required. Below is a breakdown of the number of LEDs that can be powered by each type of pack:

Small power pack = 576 LEDs

Medium power pack = 576 – 1,152 LEDs

Large power pack = 1,152 – 4,000 LEDs (1000 per port)

This garland boast 8 different functions, which is a unique feature to the low voltage transformer, these functions include: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slow-Glow, Chasing Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle, and Steady On. Also, each time you switch the lights on, the in-built function memory will automatically select the last function used.

There are a variety of accessories available within our extensive low voltage range, which are compatible with these icicle lights, such as extension cables, ring connectors and Y cord connectors.

Look out for the green low voltage overlay - every item with this logo can be connected to these lights. Choose between our expansive range of Fairy Lights, Nets, Silhouettes, and Curtains, all easily connected with our unique simple push and screw design.