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Blue LED Connectable Icicle Lights, White Cable

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Product Description

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use.
  • Multi Function.
  • Perfect Christmas Decor.

These stunning icicle lights have 76 LED bulbs and are available in blue. The set has a lit length of 2 metres and comes on a white cable. There are three different length drops in order to mimic a natural icicle formation; the measurements are 22cm, 32cm and 58cm. These are one of the best icicle lights available for domestic and commercial displays. The design, materials and overall effect of our icicle lights have been perfected, thanks to over 10 years of research and development. Icicle lights are a 1st choice for home and business decoration, to create that classic Christmas look. Ideal for use on gutters, garages, fences, they can also be used year round for parties, weddings and other special occasions. As part of our low voltage connectable lights system, from just one plug you can connect together multiple light strings to meet your required needs; saving you time, money and plug sockets!