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Black Solar Lamp Head With Base Mount

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Product Code: HGS6

  • 2.1m elegant twin head lamp post.
  • Efficient solar power.
  • 12 LED bulbs.
  • Dual brightness setting.
  • Fixing kit included.

This black, twin head solar lamp post light stands 2.1 metres tall, and is an elegant and modern choice for sprucing up the areas surrounding your home. With the stylish twin-headed feature, it holds 12 LED bulbs, in either white or warm white, and has fantastic durability in all weather conditions. This is due to it being manufactured to a high standard from aluminium and polypropylene.

The lamp offers dual brightness settings; the high brightness setting is better for the summer months, when fewer hours of darkness allow the light to operate at full brightness without using the battery's charge. The low brightness setting is better suited to the winter months, when more hours of darkness mean your light will need to operate for longer; the low setting sets the LEDs to emit a reduced brightness, thus conserving the battery's charge as it works throughout the longer winter nights. It operates on a static ON setting, which intelligently switches itself on as daylight fades and there is also an Off switch.

This product can be assembled in minutes and is extremely versatile, with various display and fixing options. The floor fitting is used to attach the light to hard surfaces like wood, stone and concrete. The spike fitting is for softer ground, such as soil in borders, lawns and pots. Another great feature is that there are three poles included, so you can either choose to have the light at a maximum height of 2.1m, or smaller if you wish.

Please note: we would recommend using only the floor fitting if you are planning to use the lamp post at its full height.

Lamp head dimensions are 18cm (W) x 29cm (H).