Product Description

  • 54 interchangeable acrylic letters.
  • Rechargeable battery included.
  • External solar panel.
  • 20 x bright white LEDs.
  • 1.8m lit length.


The perfect lights for outdoor parties and celebrations, these solar powered alphabet string lights allow you to express your creative side! With 20 white LEDs, spaced 10cm apart, you can create your own unique message; from “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” to someone’s name or “Just Married”, the choice is yours.


Since these lights are solar powered, they can be placed anywhere in your garden, as long as the external solar panel is positioned in a sunny spot to receive maximum charge. The solar panel then charges the rechargeable battery (included), meaning these lights require no wiring and incur no running costs.


You will receive 54 interchangeable clear acrylic letters including: (Ax5, Bx2, Cx2, Dx2, Ex4, Fx1, Gx2, Hx2, Ix2, Jx2, Kx1, Lx3, Mx2, Nx2, 0x2, Px2, Qx1, Rx3, Sx2, Tx3, Ux1, Vx1, Wx1, Xx2, Yx2, Zx1, &x1).


The lit length of these lights is 1.8m, with a 1.9m clear lead cable running from the solar panel to the first light. Approx. letter size: 5cm (H) x 6cm (W).

Solar Personalised "Create Your Own Sign" Fairy Lights


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