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Solar Multi Function Fariy Lights, 100 LEDs

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Product Code: HGS12

  • 8 different functions including static, chasing and flashing.
  • Perfect for garden features.
  • Activates automatically at dusk.
  • Memory chip.

This set of solar berry fairy lights is perfect for creating a magical effect within your garden. Consistently one of our most popular products, they are ideal for brightening shrubs, trees and decorating pergolas or umbrellas.

This set features LEDs, in a variety of colours including white, warm white and multicolour, on either a 5m length, with 50 LEDs, or 10m length, with 100 LEDs, making them ideal for any size areas that require illumination. Incorporate them anywhere around the garden to create a magical effect, especially brightening areas such as bushes, trees and pergolas.

Choose between 8 different functions, creating a look on your garden that is suited individually to your needs.

Please Note: The berry caps will need to be manually attached to each bulb.