3 Ways To Present Your House This Christmas

The Christmas run-in is upon us. All our town centres are full decorated with Christmas attire and we start to see the early birds, or so we call them, with a full lighting display in the middle of November.

So when is the right time to put up your Christmas decorations? We recommend around the first week of December. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about arranging your Christmas decorations and finding them a festive home around your house. If you are unsure about how to present your Christmas lights, here are 3 looks and tips.


  1. The Classic

The most common and arguably most effective method of presenting your outdoor Christmas decorations. Dedicate your Christmas lights to three or four spaces keeping the look simple and traditional. These spaces can be anything from, your windows, roof, porch and or your garden. One of the most common places to put Christmas lights is around your guttering. If you’re front garden has a lot of accessible greenery, e.g., trees and bushes, make use of them as additional features.

Tip: Use both warm-white and cool white for a more effective look









      2. The Extreme

I guess there always must be one house on each street that stands out above everyone else and there’s no reason why that can’t be you. After all, Christmas is the most celebrated time of the year so why not give it your all? To fully master the extravagant display, you also have to maintain order in your creativity. Sticking a load of lights together without thought is tacky.

Tip: Make sure all your lights are supported so they do not fall or break in the winter weather







  1. The short and sweet

By fair the simplest and easiest option out of the three. The short and sweet method means you don’t have to spend too much time putting up decorations on the roof outside during the cold weather. Rather, your most wonderful decorations and displays are inside your home. To make sure you nail this simply add a pine wreath to your door and attach some LED lights.

Tip: Less can sometimes be more










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