Energy Saving Myths

Energy saving is great!

First, we are pleased to say that more and more people are looking to use energy efficient products in their household. However, there are still many reluctant people out there who need converting to the bright side.

Over time, myths about energy efficient lighting have spread, unfairly damaging it’s reputation. So we would like to clear a few things up and hopefully get you on side with our energy saving ways.

1. Energy efficient light bulbs take a long time to light up.

Not if you buy the right bulb. Our LED products reach full brightness instantly.

2. Turning a light on and off uses more energy than leaving it on.

 Switching on a SMD or LED light only uses the same amount of power as leaving it on for a minute or two.

 3. Energy efficient light bulbs aren’t as bright as traditional bulbs.

 If you get the right energy saving bulb (SMD or LED) it will be just as bright as the one you’re replacing.

 4. Energy saving lights flicker.

There are many reasons why your lights could be flickering, but it’s unlikely it have anything to do with your bulbs. The most common reason is a poor connection.

 5. Energy saving bulbs produce low quality, harsh lighting.

Not true. The modern SMD and LED bulbs are produced in many different colours. ‘Warm white’ and ‘soft white’ are most similar to the traditional light bulb. If you get a bulb with a CRI of at least 80 (check the small print) then you should be fine.

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