5 Awesome Ideas For Lighting Your Event

If you are planning an event and want your guests to party well into the night, festoon lighting could be your saviour. Some simple lighting could turn your venue into an atmospheric gathering rather than your standard event. Floating around the Internet are hundreds of great lighting ideas for weddings, events and party’s. So we have selected 5 of our favourites that are just that bit more awesome.

Our Top 5 Event Lighting:

Event Lighting









  1. This dining area has some simple Fairy Lights draped above the tables. This is an extremely cost effective/practical way to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guest. The fairy lights are able also to provide enough lighting for your guests to eat without overexposing them to intrusive lighting.

Lighting Umbrella









  1. You can never go wrong with your standard Heavy Duty Festoon Lighting, but we absolutely love this simple but smart DIY addition. Firstly, the festoon has been positioned to create a net. Then, some umbrellas have been placed above the lights creating a nice glow. If you are looking to do this at home you will need to ensure everything is securely in place.

Jar Lights









  1. This jar with lights is such a cheap way to give your event that extra sparkle and only take minutes to make. All you need are some battery powered fairy lights and a jar.

Geometric Lights









  1. These geometric structures are a unique and stylish way to brighten up a venue. Some battery powered copper wired lights are a beautifully fitting way to enhance this piece of décor.

Ladder Lights









  1. Attaching festoon lighting to an everyday object like a ladder can turn it into a stunning addition to your venues décor. The festoon can be easily enough attached to an object with some cable ties. Furthermore, they can then be taken down and attached to something else making it a versatile product.

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